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Octa PDS

Parking Detection System Product Lineup

SiliconCube provides simple but supporting powerful function products line up in order to supply image based parking detection system.

Parking detection camera taking a video of parking lot, A.I engine built-in Parking detection server, and Smart pay station helping parking fee settlement. 


System Configuration

Simple system configuration replacing existing facilities and devices to 1 camera and A.I server


Distribution box

​Dedicated distribution box installed together with the relevant products during installation


Parking Detection


Parking detection camera that takes a video of the parking status in parking lot and sends the image to A.I Parking detection server.

1 camera is able to detect up to 8 vehicles and built-in IR lamp enables stable shooting in daylight as well as at night.


Smart Pay Station

Smart Pay Station is a kiosk based on touch screen for parking fee settlement. It supports pre-settlement and exit settlement methods so that drivers can pay their fees before boarding the vehicle or while in the vehicle.

​Provides both cash and mobile payment service for fee settlement.


Status Display

Display for parking status & charging fee status in the parking lot to users

​Installed at least 1 for 1 each parking lot, and it's able to be used for advertising as a profit model

Product lineup