AI Parking
AI 주차 관리 솔루션

SiliconCube has been focusing on the parking related business through deep learing based on A.I and machine vision technology. SiliconCube's various parking related solutions such as smart parking solution, parking detection system and bicycle parking guidance system significantly contribute to increase of customer satisfaction and increase of running efficiency. 


Smart Parking Solution

SiliconCube's Smart Parking Solution which world's first AI-based vehicle license plate recognition(LPR) technology applied recognizes license plates of a number of countries where the existing OCR-based LPR is not applicable since the shape of the license plate is not irregular but also not standardized. It is a total parking management solution that can change the existing ticket issuing method to perfect unmanned parking management and provides access control and statistics by interlocking with a gate barrier and a payment kiosk.


Parking Detection System
Octa PDS

PDS is the streaming video-based parking detecting solution.

With AI technology, it detects vehicles from various angles and detects vehicles parked on the parking slot or vacant slots.

It is a low-cost, high-efficiency solution that  can significantly reduce installation costs installing only 1 camera, AI server and payment kiosk(optional) especially for small parking lots where gate barrier is not able to be installed and provides cloud-based services.


Bicycle Parking Guidance System
Cube PGS

PGS is a Parking Guidance System that helps you find parking spaces in bicycle parking more conveniently and park faster.

The LED display installed in each area allows users to quickly and intuitively find empty spaces, and prevents wasted time searching for empty spaces even during rush hours.

It not only improves the satisfaction of users, but also reduces the number of guidance personnel and costs in terms of improving management efficiency.