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Octa PDS

​Octa is a Greek word that means 8, and Octa PDS is a parking detection system that calculates parking time by detecting whether or not up to 8 vehicles are parked by one camera and provides a fee settlement function.


Parking Detection based on camera image


- Recognizes a various type of license number plates which is irregular and        unstructured based on AI

- Provides unmanned parking management solution replacing ticket     issuance with license plate recognition

- Provides a total service such as access control and various statistics linked

    with gate barrier, payment kiosk, and server


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- Parking detection (up to 8 vehicles)

  on the parking slot based on

  streaming video


- People can pay parking charge 

  based on calculated parking time

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- Cloud based parking slot real-time

  status & snap shot monitoring –     

  enhances security

Easy to build & cost-effective regardless of the size of parking lot

Existing Parking lot


<Loop Coil>

<Parking Car Stopper>


<Every parking slot requires equipment & construction cost>

-  High facility cost & construction cost
    → Low running efficiency : Cost increase depend on the

        number of parking slots
    → Constant maintenance fee : Damage due to user’s fault

        and cheating

Octa PDS applied Parking lot


<No construction required at all>

-  Simple configuration with a IP camera and AI server

-  One camera detects multiple slots
    → Not only save cost for facility & construction per each

        slot, but also dramatically reduces maintenance fee