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Parking Management System

Silicon Cube's parking management system, which enhances the convenience and customer satisfaction of visitors from the existing ticket issuance-oriented system, applied the world's first AI-based license plate recognition technology

(LPR - License Plate Recognition).

World' 1st AI LPR based

Parking Management Solution

(LPR - License Plate Recognition) 


- Recognizes a various type of license number plates which is irregular and        unstructured based on AI

- Provides unmanned parking management solution replacing ticket     issuance with license plate recognition

- Provides a total service such as access control and various statistics linked

    with gate barrier, payment kiosk, and server

Recognizable regardless of various license plate formats


Various license plate formats in Japan

- A variety of background pictures, number 

   notation methods

Cases of license plate recognition in various formats with AI engine

World's 1st AI based LPR Technology

(LPR - License Plate Recognition) 

Increase efficiency and visitor satisfaction through fast passage

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Flow improvement of entry and exit vehicles

-  Automatically recognizes

    the unique number in the          license plate through

    AI based LPR

-  Allows fast get in & out the

    parking lot without any

    unnecessary action


Improvement of parking lot running efficiency

-  Since it is operated by license

    plate, from entry, payment to

    exit, all processes are

    systematically managed,

    maximize operation efficiency

    by minimizing congestion in

    the parking lot.

 - Thanks to save unnecessary

     waste of time of visitors,

     increases satisfaction and


Enhance management efficiency and prevention of loss

-  All systems are managed

    automatically by the server

    based on unmanned.

Access statistics, sales

     management are automated, as

    well as access control, and it

    blocks mistakes or fraudulent

    actions by cashiers

Differentiated Core Technology for provision of Parking Management System

Traditional Recognition Technology


South Korea


-  OCR technology developed in the 1990s 

-  Recognize characters clearly separated

     from the background only

-  Recognize only standardized characters

-  Unable to recognize when size & type of

     font are different







- SiliconCube's Innovative AI-based

    proprietary technology algorithm

- Recognize characters with picture in the

    background even

- Recognize unstructured characters

- Recognize even if various fonts and 

    characters are mixed

AI based Recognition Technology