Smart Parking System-Japan 

AI based turnkey Parking Management Solution

Smart Parking & Management System

​SiliconCube Smart Parking System is the optimized system for efficient parking management from all kinds of the parking lot.

All system are managed in one solution with AI engine, from fast entry and exit of vehicles to management including settlement. 


Key Technology

SiliconCube’s unique technology based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence(AI) perfectly recognizes not only a formal license plate but also a license plate of a vehicle having a complicated or uneven appearance. ​Therefore, the system is applicable not only in Korea but also in Japan, and Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, which use complex types of license plates.


Japan License Plate

Philippine License Plate


Japan Parking Management System

​Parking management solution optimized for Japanese cars

We provide convenient and safe parking services by establishing a smart parking system such as vehicle number recognition, unmanned fee settlement, and real-time vehicle guidance. 

SiliconCube's parking control system provides the most economical construction cost and the most convenient and smart operation method to increase sales and reduce costs to parking lot managers. Environment.

Using AI Based number recognition engine that accurately recognizes not only Japanese general license plates but also license plates with a background called Olympic license plates, you can proceed with accurate entry/exit.

Recognition of Olympic Number Plate



Smart Parking System from Car entrance to Payment


Recognition test at Yokohama -



• Doctors or employees can be allowed to pass the gate without payment for convenience. 

• General visitors can pay at the pay station in advance or pay at gate.

• Certain groups can get vouchers to get parking fee discount.


• VIP is recognized by license plate, can be used for VIP marketing.

• Getting rid of congestion during in & out through license plate recognition

• Saved time : longer staying, more enjoying & more spending

• Easily pay at the pay station 

• Admins of the mall can fully manage the system via desktop and mobile.

• Multipurpose statistics by parked car / guest type / time / profit / period.


• Residents pass the gate without pause & tagging a RF card with plate recognition.

• Access control for unauthorized vehicles / protect privacy / secured security​

• Creating safe & friendly environment


System Structure

DB Server

Network Router

Management Software


LTE/5G modem


(License Plate Recognizer)

Entry/Exit Gate Breaker

Vehicle Detector

Pay Station